Packets or it didn't happen!
  • Understanding NMAP's scan techniques: -sS/sT/sA/sW/sM: TCP SYN/Connect()/ACK/Window/Maimon scans - Securitynik
    A member of the Toronto Metropolitan University/Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst program, a program I’m currently a mentor for,¬†was using Nmap and could not really see the difference when using the -sW and -sM scan techniques. To help that student and others using Nmap, I thought I should put together a quick blog post. Before getting into […]
  • Its about time: OS Fingerprinting using NTP - Dr. J
    Most current operating systems, including many small systems like IoT devices, use some form of NTP to sync time. NTP is lightweight and reasonably accurate in most use cases to synchronize time across the internet with millisecond accuracy [1]. Some protocols, like PTP, are more accurate but are designed for local networks and may require […]
  • Packet Tuesday: Network Traffic Analysis for the Whole Family - Dr. J
    A short while ago, I floated the idea of a weekly video series with short lessons about packets, protocols, and networks. Today, we are kicking of “Packet Tuesday”. Packet Tuesday, as the name implies, will release a new video each Tuesday. We will discuss packets in detail. See the first two videos below. For future […]
  • DNS Option 15: Debugging DNSSEC Errors. - Dr. J
    DNSSEC has had a rough ride so far. I usually say that the mistake made with DNSSEC was that security came first in the design, ahead of usability. The result is that the implementation of DNSSEC is usually compliance driven and not widespread. There are two parts to implementing DNSSEC: DNSSEC Validation: This is done […]
  • Continuing Log4-Shell - Zeek - Detection - Securitynik
    Now that we understand the vulnerability and exploit, as well as having performed packet analysis using TShark and automated using Snort3, time to use Zeek against this pcap. Looking at Zeek from 3 different perspectives. First we will be running Zeek against the pcap to see what shows up. Second will be a Zeek signature […]

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